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JUl 12-16 2021


Live Online courses for Adults and teens

Jun 27 - 2:30PM LIVE | Smartphone Photography the right way


Jun 27 - 5:30PM LIVE | How to shoot VIDEO like a pro with your phone

How to shoot like a pro with your phone


FUN LEARNING - Video Production

You have nothing planned for your holidays. Enough of boring camps? You love videos or think of starting a YouTube channel? Let’s enjoy a week of brainstorming, scripting, shooting and video editing! 


Video camps for teenagers eager to learn and make videos

Video is already the #1 reason why the internet is used and it will keep growing. Knowing how to script, shoot, edit and promote videos has become a life skill. That’s why we created Veecamp.

What you will do and learn

each Veecamp has a theme (e.g Video Blog, Stop-Motion…)

you will work on scripting, story telling, shooting, editing and promoting a video

at the end of the week, you will have created a video that you can show

Veecamp is fun and hands on: it’s not a classroom but a workshop, with some theory but above all a lot of practice

Veecamp is collaborative: you will work in small groups to create your project

we will cover the fundamentals of video production, such as cinematic shots, storyboarding, sound recording, lighting, editing…

Veecamp is a community: you will meet new friends and maybe keep creating videos with them after this Veecamp

What you need for Veecamp:

a smartphone with a decent camera (you probably already have that), that’s it!

When is it?

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