It all started on November 2019 when I decided to develop a 1-week syllabus for teenagers to learn the basics of photography and video production. I liked the idea of a group of 12 teenagers bringing their smartphone, brainstorming, building the storyboard, shooting, editing, and keeping on improving as they learn the do and don’t. I would facilitate the ideation process, I would guide them all the way, with the promise that they would have fun and a fantastic experience, bringing the final video back home to impress their friends and parents.

Then, with the CoVID19-related progressive lockdowns, we had to postpone our camps and we received demands to teach on-line; even parents showed interest. They did not want a webinar or a free course that they would watch on YouTube, they were looking for a live, fun and informative session. The “Veecamp Way”.

More to come!

fewStones - PARTNER and SPONSOR

Veecamp is an initiative launched by fewStones, a leading corporate video production agency in Singapore founded in 2011 by two French entrepreneurs. fewStones works with large companies as well as with SMEs and startups: more than 300 clients and 700 videos created already. fewStones also provides video filming workshop for corporate clients: from there, came the idea to create Veecamp for teenagers.
For more information: fewstones.com